Criminal Defense

Experienced  lawyers help you ensure a positive outcome in your case

If one is charged or arrested with a criminal offense, it is vital to choose a lawyer who has the credentials and ability to defend your case. The quality and experience of a lawyer can have tremendous impact your situation and can lead to a relinquishment of punishments or an increase in fines. It takes representation with talent, skill, and experience to defend a complex criminal case and ensure a positive outcome in your case.

Attorney's Gardner, Barrow, and Sharpe have tried more than 200 criminal cases. Those cases have covered everything from speeding to capital murder with a heavy emphasis on high profile – high stress murder cases.

 Criminal defendants have several constitutional rights.

  • Right to be represented by an attorney
  • Right to receive adequate representation
  • Right to remain silent
  • Right to confront witnesses
  • Right to have a public trial
  • Right to have a jury trial
  • Right to have a speedy trial
  • Right to not be tried twice for the same offense

Let us help you protect these rights.

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